Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello Again!!/Sneak Peek

Hello Internets!

It's been a busy summer and fall this year!  I've been working on a wide range of projects, some of which will be released to an unsuspecting public in the very near future. Unfortunately my busy work schedule has kept me from posting regularly.

Well have no fear!  The drought is over! Our national nightmare is finally at and end!


Here is a link to a blog post from the Getty Museum detailing one of the super secret projects I worked on this summer.  It is a short art film project from world renowned artist/photographer Thomas Demand.

The blog post describes the project without offiering any visual clues.  We'll have to wait the the premiere of the work for that.  However it provides a brief but insightful glance into Demand's work and process.

Take a look!

I was one of the "team of highly skilled animators and technicians," and got to work with several old friends as well as some current and former students on the project. (More on this crack team of specialists in a later post.)

It was one of the most challenging and unique projects I've ever worked on! Long hot days and physically demanding work.  But what an interesting project!  When the finished piece is premiered I have no doubt all the hard work will have been worth it!  I am proud of the work of the whole team and it was an honor to work with such a well known and respected artist.

Check back soon for more posts!