Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Honda Days BTS Pics

As promised here are some some behind the scenes photos from the Happy Honda Days spots.  It was a fun job with  a great crew!

The animation team preps for a shot.

DP Joe Meade (right) takes a reading while 1st A.D. Chuck Conner looks on.

Animation team rehearses with actors on stage 2.

Shooting the real deal on the main stage.

Lead animator Sylvie Trouve and I on set.

Mo-co Rig.
Actress Leslie Andrews cools off under the hot lights while Sylvie looks on.

Animator Fred Caron taking pictures in the woods.

Taking a break while the crew make some adjustments.

Animator Matt Manning scratches an itch.
Taking a break for cool air and wardrobe adjustments.

Checking the monitor on set.
Matt and Sylvie help the actors wrap after a long day under the lights.

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