Saturday, March 5, 2011

Acura Transformation BTS Pics

I've been seeing the Acura spot I animated on last year, pretty regularly on the TV these days.

Here are some behind the scenes pics of the 3 day, all night shoot.


Lead Animator Kevin Glick double checks his marks.

That's me smiling as usual.

Casting a long shadow over the animation marks.

Animation Supervisor Helder K Sun holds a coffee and a measuring tape
as the sun sets behind a nearly naked chassis.

The guys from L.A. Prep make some adjustments to the partially dismantled car.

On set with Car Prep and a walkie.

The driver was careful to wear his seat belt for every single frame!

And then the fog rolled in!

Kevin confers with the 1st A.D. Jim La Rocca (right)
while the director Christopher Riggert (seated left) looks on.

Car Prep puts the car back together again, one frame at a time!

Helder walks back from an almost completed, reconstructed Acura wagon.

If you haven't checked it out here's an official behind the scenes video from the project!

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