Saturday, April 9, 2011

Simpsons "Willis & Crumble" BTS Pics

Its been a while since its aired, but as promised here are some behind the scenes photos from the Simpsons parody of Wallace & Gromit.

Chiodo:Team Simpsons! (from L-R) Assistant Animator Tim Smyth, Art Director Charles Chiodo,  Director Stephen Chiodo, Lead Animator Teresa Drilling, Me, Producer/Editor Edward Chiodo, Producer/Consultant David Silverman

A Tip Top work truck!

Playing in the kitchen with dolls.

Homemade Marmite?!

Sneaking up on Teresa.

Tim makes some adjustments to the camera.

All hands on deck!

Animating the last shot.

A view from the English countryside.

Teresa animating.

Playing with the dog.

Willis and Ms. Pennyfarthing.

Jinkies!  A clue!

A lovely home!
Great fun, with a great team!  I'm glad I got to be a part of it!


  1. Very cool to see the behind the scenes of this episode! Is that actually clay?

    Best Wishes,

    (clay animator)

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