Saturday, May 21, 2011

Plain White T's Boomerang BTS Pics

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures from Plain White T's video shoot for their single "Boomerang"

It was directed by Tim Nackashi and produced by Fuliane Petikyan

Plain White T's perform under a whirlwind of confetti
while Director Tim Nackashi and 1st A.D. KC Grim look on.
The production slate relaxes between takes.
The Art Department prepares for the shoot day.
You can ring my bell!
The cast and crew prepare to party!
Animation Director Javan Ivey animates.
Tim (seated, middle) and crew, including D.P. Andrew Shulkind (standing, background left)
and KC (seated, right) watch as the crew resets for another take.
The Art Department had to paint a lot of books!
The band poses for a quick photo session between takes.
Me, animating a crumpled photo in reverse.
Javan working with actress Ashley Guerrero.
The crew looks on during another shot.
Fun with balloons!
The crew prepares the stage for a new set up.
The animation crew (Javan and myself) pose for a pic.
Hope you enjoyed the pics!  I had a great time on this shoot!

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