Monday, July 4, 2011

Christmas in July!

Happy Birthday America!

In celebration here's the last of the Happy Honda Days 2010 commercials I worked on @ Buck last year.

I forgot to post this one last Christmas but what better time to post it than now?! Its one of my favorites!

And how about some Behind The Scenes pics form another Christmas themed project I worked on, Community!


Animating in a Winter Wonderland.

A green screen set up featuring "Warlock Duncan."

Actor Danni Pudi poses with his puppet likeness
while Fabricator/Puppet Dr. Nancy Parczyk looks on.

A blue screen set up featuring all the gang, gathered around
the conference table for a journey to Winter Wonderland.

Assistant Animator Nicole Emmons and Intern Vanessa Pridgen
assist with the above blue screen shot by dismantling
the table and chairs one frame at a time.

Abed getting tasered in the parking lot!
Photo Bomb! Thanks Nicole.
Another view of the parking lot.
Art Director and overall awesome lady Melissa Corrado prepping another setup.


Some (but not nearly all) of the crew pose outside of Starburns Industries!
For a complete list of crew credits visit

I had a great time on both projects!  Hope you enjoyed the post/pics!

Merry Independence Day!

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  1. Cool! I love Community - Abed is the best! can't wait till I get to that episode. I actually am hoping to do some work at Starburns this week in their model shop, hope it all pans out!