Thursday, August 16, 2012

Support For a Worthy Cause

Shelia Sofian is an independent animator and director.

She creates animated documentaries using a type of animation called "paint on glass".  She is an excellent animation instructor and serves as an Associate Professor in the John C. Hench Department of Animation & Digital Arts at USC. Along with my parents, for me she is the model of what a good educator can be.

She also happens to be a friend, colleague, and one of my primary mentors in the world of animation.

And she needs your help for a worthy cause.

Please join me in helping to raise finishing funds for her film "Truth Has Fallen"  an animated documentary about people wrongfully convicted of murder.

Here is a short clip of "Truth Has Fallen" with Sheila discussing the film:

Please take a moment to visit her campaign on and if you can, contribute.